Sunday, 12 January 2014

Meet my kitten - Boo!

So if you hadn't guessed already, I'm a huge cat lady. I don't know how my cat gif guide to blogging post didn't tip you off ;) Anyway, over Christmas my boyfriend and I decided to get a cat and after LOADS of searching on Gumtree, we found her! She was born on Halloween, so we named her Boo. She's just over 10 weeks and I'm already in love with her. As you can see from the pictures, she's got a little sass, giving me side eye realness in that top right photo! 

I'm sure she'll appear again on here soon so for now meet Boo!

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Exante Diet

I must admit, when Exante tweeted that they were looking for bloggers to review their products I jumped at the chance. My biggest weakness is snacking and with the Exante diet, you really can't snack without all your hard work going to waste.

Exante offer total meal replacement diet products that are low calorie but full of all your RDA's so you can slim without being unhealthy about it.

They sent me a week's worth of satchets, ranging from mint chocolate milkshake to pasta carbonara. I was expecting to experience the usual cardboard-y diet taste but they were actually really nice! I loved the vegatable soups, they were just like Cup-a-Soups.

It wasn't easy in the first few days to stick to it, but somehow I managed! After the first few days, your body goes into ketosis, where it starts to burn off your fat, and eating solid food can disturb that process, so you really need will power! I felt like Kelly from that episode of The Office where they're all trying to lose weight...

So anyway, a week later, I stuck with it and I'm back onto real food now! I feel loads better after overloading myself at Christmas and I've managed to lose 3lbs! 

If you want to find out more about Exante and try it out yourself, their website is here: Exante Diet

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Much inadequacy wow


I haven't had the internet properly in AGES which is why the blog has been quiet. I shall be back once one of these companies that provide internet can, you know, actually provide me with internet.

I miss you terribly and I hope to see you all after Christmas where I shall look something like this:


Sunday, 8 December 2013


I looked back through my Instagram photos from the past year and not to sound like your mum, but where did the time go?! I'm almost finished at university (CREYS) and it feel like only yesterday that these photos were taken. Anyway, here is what I got up to in 2013:

I clearly discovered AWESOME jewellery in January and ASS in February ;) That ass belongs to Brooke Candy, by the way, who you should all check out if you like female body posi rappers. 

In March I visited the V&A mueseum and found this dress by Alexander Mcqueen, from the last collection he designed in 2010. Makes you think of what Lady Gaga is harking on about lately, putting the art into pop culture. I love the digital prints around at the minute and a lot of them source their images from art, like this. I think Sarah Burton is doing a fab job, but I do miss McQueen. 
OH, and I suppose I should talk about the BACON. RACKS ON RACKS ON RACKS. Haha. Have you ever been in a Costco? I have. I found stacks of bacon and stacks of Crocs. As a veggie (at the time) and someone that likes to not wear rubber, holey shoes, I didn't know what was worse.

I adore that these two images are next to each other. You have the beautiful Lana Del Rey and my 'Fish are friends not food selfie'. I don't know which side I'm happier about. 
My boyfriend and I went to see Lana and she was fab. Have you see Tropico yet? It's incredibly beautful, and of course ~whimsical~ and overuses hipster-esque Allen Ginsburg quotes, but it's LANA. Just enjoy her aesthetics and don't think too hard. My mate on the right was at Alton Towers, he was basically holographic, such a little fashion accessory. 

I went to the zoo avec la famiglia in July and this absolute babe posed for me. She's adorable :) In August, I made it my mission to make a pilgrimage to the Jewish Museum in Camden to see the Amy Winehouse exhibition. She's undoubtedly one of my favourite ladies and it was an honour to see really intimate things like her old school jumper or family photos in the exhibition. 

My boyfriend and I went to Egypt in September for a well earned holiday before the 3rd year of uni began. We both loved the weather and the hotel but we couldn't travel outside of Sharm during the unrest in Cairo, which was a shame. However something we did miss was WI-FI. All the wi-fi out there was shaky at best. It was HORRID. I COULD HARDLY INSTAGRAM ANYTHING.
October meant the start of uni and the first few nights out. I adore this photo for my friend's face. Pure, drunken laughter <3 

November signalled a momentous occasion, I wore jeans for the first time in years! I only bought them because of the paisley print (You can see the OOTD here) and I'd forgotten how constricting they can be. It's like when you notice your tongue, you can't get over how WEIRD it is. If you don't know what I mean by that, you've probably never 'noticed' your tongue, you sheltered being. 
December means BIG assignments and one of mine is a field study into language, so naturally I picked the language used in rap, or my real title is Taking it back: Feminist reclamations of misogynistic terms in rap music. Fuckme, right?

Let me know if you do a post like this, I loved going back through my year and I lived it! Imagine the fun I'll have being nosy in your posts :P 

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Thursday, 5 December 2013


Body Policing

This post is a confession of sorts, I suppose. I need to absolve myself of my sins and perhaps talk about something that a lot of women do but don't talk about. 

I judge someone by how they look, I find it incredibly hard not to.

Just the other week, a friend and I were standing in the queue next to some magazines. The front cover of one of them featured a photo of a 'celebrity' running along a beach in a bikini. She was on the front cover because she had put on a lot of weight recently. The magazine had found a particularly lovely photo when mid-run, the woman's stomach and legs were jiggling around and the shot highlighted all of her lumps and bumps. My friend gasped and exclaimed how horrible it was. I think it was this act of body policing in a friend, someone I respect that made me see those traits in myself. I too judge people on how they look. It had slowly been dawning on me for a while but I hadn't been paying attention to it. 

It's not that I even blame myself for this, or my friend for her reaction to the magazine. All women are susceptible to this force seemingly so deep rooted that it has worked its way into our very psyches. The Patriarchy. I know, I know. It's easy to blame men for all the troubles we face in feminism, but in this case, it kinda is their fault. There is a deeper issue into why women are subjugated and how it controls us, which is fascinating to read into if you'd like to know more about it. 

It is ingrained in us from a very early age that a woman's priority is to look 'good'. So then when we see someone looking a different way, either through choice or not, they are transgressing against their prescribed role in society and should be punished for that, whether that is silent judgement, sneering, or even death, in Sophie Lancaster's case. That is of course the extreme side of judgement, but after all she was killed because she looked a certain way. A way that was outside of the mainstream and not deemed 'normal'. This doesn't just effect women of course, anyone outside the gender binary is subject to this kind of abuse. 

However, my point in confessing all of this is that I'm trying. I try everyday to fight back against what is so ingrained in my brain that says certain looks are bad. And it's slowly working. I'm starting to find beauty where I didn't before and my eyes are opening to a whole, wider, more diverse world and it's fucking fantastic. We shouldn't blame each other because we judge someone on how we look, but rather remember WHY we have that need to judge. Who made us that way? As said to Katniss (a wonderful female role model) in  The Hunger Games, 'Remember who the real enemy is.'  I'll admit that I'm scared to press 'publish' now, but I've admitted to something that as a self proclaimed feminist, I am ashamed of and I'm so ready to put behind me. I know this content is a little different to my usual stuff but it has helped me, and I hope that it might help you recognise this trait and to quell it.

I'd love to hear from you guys about this. If you'd like to talk more about this, please leave me a comment, drop me an email or find me on Twitter.

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Are you a fan of obnoxious headwear? Do you suffer from frequent bad hair days? Then these beanies are for you! I've become a big fan of beanies this Winter. They keep my head warm, create controversy (depending on offensive embroidery) and disguise any lack of effort that I haven't made with my hair that day. Win bloody win. Here are some of the ones I have in rotation and some I plan to add to my collection:

L-R eBay, Urban Outfitters, New Look, Select.


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Sunday, 1 December 2013

We could belong together

2. I don't know what you are all smoking but Bubble Tea is GROSS. The drink itself is nice but the tapioca? No. No, thank you. So slimey and wrong.
3. All pink workout clothes make me very happy and more likely to go to the gym. 
4. The view from the Senate Chamber at my university. It's so pretty in all seasons. Going to miss it next year!

1. St. Pancras selfie. I had been to the Urban Outfitters SS14 press day, then trekked around East London and I was so tired.
2. I only wear Haute Couture, clearly. 
3. Found this pile of my jewellery after getting home from night out. I'm impressed at my drunken organisational skills.
4. Glitter Eyebrows! I did a post on this yesterday here if you want to see how I did it. 

I've recently created a Facebook page for my blog and it needs some love! Would be fab if you'd give it a like ;)

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